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Onychomycosis, a bothersome fungal infection of the toenails that is more common in the summer and gets worse with age (both in men and women), is a disease that affects 18% of the adult population. Thus, it reaches 50% in those over the age of 70. Although it can happen in fingernails, it actually happens more frequently in toenails. Because of this, it's crucial to know what to do when presented with this issue, to which we don't often pay enough attention but which needs to be resolved fairly quickly to prevent more serious issues. Kerassentials is a natural supplement. It helps to control nail fungus. Kerassentials supplement is available Internet.
Finding the causes of toenail fungus is the first step. The Illustrious Official College of Podiatrists of the Valencian Community's vice president, Maite Garca, notes that they typically manifest as an excess of moisture in the nail plate that is distinct from the epidermis. Of course, they are a nuisance that gets worse throughout the summer. The specialist explains, "With increases in temperature there is a change in the pH of the skin that regulates infectious processes. Therefore, with increased sweating, the humidity of our feet increases and, most importantly, to a greater extent in women who use and abuse nail polish." For this reason, especially during the summer, you must be cautious around pool tiles or excessive
And there is no question that excessive perspiration contributes to this issue. "Those who depend on or abuse some beauty items, such as nail paints, or who have parents with sweating issues are at higher risk. We must not overlook jobs that require safety footwear or expose the foot to severe temperatures, the expert says. It may also affect whether someone develops skin conditions like ringworm, psoriasis, or athlete's foot.
There are a number of indicators that we may be dealing with this issue with the condition of our feet. According to the expert in podiatry, "the most typical is the white stain in the form of oil, as well as the nail starting to turn yellow on the sides and have a corked appearance."
The big toe is typically where a change in nail colour or shape first appears. The most typical symptom is that the nail thickens and turns yellow, though it can also appear pale and have a frail, brittle, or distorted structure. Due to the fact that the illness does not initially cause discomfort, patients frequently delay seeking medical attention until the onychomycosis has spread to the nails on the remaining fingers.
For this reason, it is essential to consult a specialist as soon as the first symptoms are noticed and a change in a nail's look is noticed. The chance of the infection spreading and the development of pain that may even become chronic increases with the length of time it takes to treat onychomycosis.
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