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The games offered by bookmaker in australia are currently among the top searches for everyone. Therefore, there are many websites and new game models being introduced to meet your entertainment needs.
Among the online games, Super Bull at W88 is the most searched one, excluding sports and lottery. Let's explore what Super Bull is, how to play it at W88, and some tips for playing this game.
What is Super Bull game?
Super Bull is one of the card games with very simple rules that has been the most searched term recently.
Each game has a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 players at the betting table. Each player is dealt 5 cards in Super Bull, with 3 cards in the left hand and 2 cards in the right hand.
To win, the community should have a total score of the 3 cards in the left hand as a multiple of 10, and the total score of the 2 cards in the right hand should be as high as possible.
Based on this score, the comparison is made between the player and the dealer to determine who has a higher score, and that person will be the winner of that betting round.
In the Super Bull game at W88, everyone takes turns to be the dealer after each round. Therefore, everyone will have a chance to be the dealer, so there's no need to worry about not getting the chance to be the dealer.
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Scoring method for the cards in Super Bull at W88
Ace is worth 1 point.
Cards from 2 to 10 are worth the corresponding number of points.
Combination hands with a total score of the cards being a multiple of 10, 20, or 30 are called "Have Bull." If there is no combination, it is called "No Bull."
For example:
Have Bull: Player A has the cards 3, 7, K, Q, 3.
No Bull: Player A has the cards 10, 2, 6, 5, K.
If both the player and the dealer have Bull, the one with the higher cards in the hand will win.
Here is a practical example to help players understand the scoring method in Super Bull at W88:
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Player A has the cards 3, 7, K, Q, 3: Bull with 3 points.
Player B has the cards 10, 2, 8, 5, K: Bull with 5 points, so Player B wins.
Winning odds in Super Bull
No Bull: Pays x1.
Bull with 1-7 points: Pays x1.
Bull with 8-9 points: Pays x2.
Bull Bull (Bull with 10 points): Pays x3.
Easy guide to playing Super Bull at W88
When it comes to reputable bookmakers that are highly popular in the Vietnamese betting market, W88 cannot be missed. Not only does it provide a wide selection of exciting card games, but it also offers thrilling betting options with high payout rates. The payment and withdrawal methods are secure, and the withdrawal process only takes a few minutes. Therefore, players can confidently play Super Bull at W88.
Step 1: Log in to W88 on mobile or computer
If the player already has an account with W88, they can log in. However, if they don't have an account, they need to register for a W88 account. Simply click on the registration section and fill in the required information.
Step 2: Choose Super Bull at W88
After logging in, players can access the
Step 3: Choose your favorite bets
There are many different betting options available at W88. Therefore, players should consider their betting account and choose the bets that they are most passionate about. Avoid choosing bets that are too large. If you are new, start with smaller bets.
See more instructions on how to deposit money at W88 here.
Step 4: Start playing Super Bull at W88
When Super Bull game starts at W88, the system will randomly select a corresponding dealer. If a player wants to become a dealer in that game, they can choose the "Agent X1" or "Agent X10" option. If a player only wants to participate as a player, they can decline the invitation.
In each bet, players have 3 seconds to place their bets. The operation is very simple, just click on the bet and drag the chips to your playing area.
Step 5: Deal cards
In Super Bull at W88, the system will randomly deal five cards to each player. After receiving the cards, players will have 10 seconds to arrange them. Therefore, try to arrange the 3 cards on the left and the 2 cards on the right to get the highest score possible.
For players who exceed the time limit, the system will automatically arrange the cards.
Step 6: Compare the results of the bet with others on the table
After completing the betting and card arranging, the results will be compared. The player with the highest score wins. Players can receive the results immediately because the system will automatically send the results and players can withdraw their winnings from W88 immediately.
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Tips for playing Super Bull at W88 from experienced players
There are always tips and tricks for each game that can help players win more easily. So let's explore some small tips for playing Super Bull at W88:
If possible, avoid being the dealer. Although the dealer has some privileges, the community can refuse to accept them. Because the community may win quickly but also lose quickly. This can help the community be more active while playing.
Understand the rules of the game before starting. Don't be a novice and wait for others to guide you. Be more flexible and proactive.
Place small bets at first. Specifically, the amount of money when winning or losing will be equal to the bet multiplied by 3 if the dealer or player has Bull Bull. When losing, it won't cost too much money, but when winning, players can receive a higher payout.
Choose a game mode that you are really passionate about. There are 4 game modes for players to choose from. Whether you are new or experienced, you can choose a mode that suits your preferences.
Those are many instructions for playing Super Bull at W88 that W88Xin has compiled for those who want to explore this new and exciting game category. W88Xin always updates and summarizes the latest and most entertaining games for the community. Wish the community have impressive experiences at W88 online betting.
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